Thursday, May 10, 2018

30 Day Nude Challenge

Do you reckon you have what it takes to be a nudist/naturist?  Then take this 30 Day Challenge and see.
Three rules:
1) You must be at least 18 years old
2) You are to post the results to your YouTube channel (or set one up if you don’t already have one).
3) The nudity must not be censored unless you post to FB or IG.  Age-restrict it.

Here are the daily challenges:

1) Sleep nude
2) Walk from bedroom to bathroom nude
3) Tell housemates or partner or family about challenge
4) Go around whole house nude
5) Sunbathe nude in backyard and do gardening
6) Get housemates or partner to go around place nude with you
7) Visit a nude beach or lake or hot spring and swim nude
8) Get a friend to draw or sketch you nude
9) Get a friend to photograph you nude
10) Get a professional photographer to photograph you mude
11) Visit the nearest nudist club/camp to you (ask about cameras or camphones first!)
12) Ride a bike nude or in a G-string round the block
13) Join a/or some online nudist groups on FB
14) Dance nude to some of your fave songs, or any random song on the radio
15) Do a yoga and meditation exercise routine nude
16) Skydive nude
17) Do a body art photo shoot at studio
18) Get a body cast made
19) Do a striptease
20) Go hiking in a national park nude or in a g-string
21) Tell your church friends about nude challenge
22) Recite some nude poetry
23) Throw a naked party at your place
24) Cook or prepare your favourite dish nude and share thecrecipe
25) Go to a private nude swim party (ask about cameras first)
26) Take a hike up a mountain nude
27) Paint a picture nude
28) Go nude water-skiing
29) Take part in Spencer Tunick’s nude installations in Melbourne
30) Do closing monologue on what this challenge has meant to you and if it has changed you

Friday, February 9, 2018

What Naturism Is Not

                           What Naturism Is Not

This blog is adapted from ‘What Feminism Is Not’ on The Odyssey Online’s website about the misconceptions that people have about what feminism is supposed to be about.  This is the original piece:

Naturism is about equality. It is the belief that social, political, and economic rights for naturists should be equal on all levels.

Naturism is not about hating textiles (people who prefer to wear clothes in naturistspeak). 

Naturism is for everyone. Naturism is about equality among the sexes, not being in favor of one or the other.

Naturism is equality for all genders, and the acknowledgement that gender and sex are two completely different things.

Naturism is about understanding that textiles suffer from oppression and discrimination too, which is why closet naturists are afraid of telling their friends, family, workmates and managers about it.  The few naturists who are truly ‘out there’ about their lifestyle are usually unemployed, pensioners, retirees, students or self-employed.  It’s about time that workforce naturists stood up and fought against discrimination against them just like LGBTIQ people, Muslims, women and blacks/Aborigines have previously done.

Naturism is not supporting any one group's superiority over another group.  They believe that everyone ought to have equal rights and equal opportunities to go nude in public or private as they see fit.  If people can wear a burkha or three-piece suits out in public and not behave in a sexual manner, then so should naturists be allowed to be nude in public, as long as they are not acting in an overtly sexual way.

Naturism is working towards social justice for people with eating disorders, body image problems and people who have been sexually harassed and abused.

Naturism is not saying it is OK to force nudity onto anyone against their wishes; violence, boorish, drugged and drunken or bullying behavior of any kind is not acceptable in the naturist movement.

Naturism is not ignoring sexual harassment because it does and can happen, and we urge others who get subjected to it at naturist places to report it immediately.

Naturism is social activism for public nudity rights and the right for anyone of any race, skin color, religion, age group, and social status to enjoy it.

Naturism is not taking rights away from textiles.  We believe it to be a personal choice, but we also believe people should at least give it a try at least three times before they can say “it’s not my thing” or “it’s not for me”.

Naturism is about fighting social structures that restrict and discriminate against women, especially girl’s and women’s rights to swim and sunbathe topless and breastfeed in public places where full nudity is not to be permitted.

Naturism is NOT about sexual debauchery, swinging, or any other kinds of sexual anarchy or sexually inappropriate behavior.  It is primarily a FAMILY orientated lifestyle which mum, dad and the children can practice.  True naturists abhor any person who tries to bring the lifestyle into disrepute by incorporating unacceptable sexual behavior into the movement, and many of us work together with law enforcement to ensure that if anybody abuses the liberties and trusts of our movement that they will be dealt accordingly by the law. 

Naturism is the fight for equality for all sexual orientations.  We believe that people should be accepted into our movement as well as other movements on account of their personality and character, rather than their sexual orientation.

Naturism is not about taking anything away from textiles. It is not about giving all the power for naturists to oppress anyone.  Naturism believes that every nude person deserves to be treated equally and the same as if they were dressed.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Define "Normal."

Making lifestyle changes with the Your Geneius Health Transformation Project

For a number of years now, I have been struggling with fluctuating weight, crash and fad diets and intermittent exercise programs, and this year I want to put things right.

I have just taken up a new project with a friend of mine whom I've known for the last 3 years called Marz Hill, who is a photographic model, personal trainer, vegan and business entrepreneur.  We originally met on the Brisbane Entrepreneurs group on Facebook when she offered to help me out with a social media website I was planning to re-launch called Skinbook.  When I found that she had a number of similar interests to me, we became friends and I started attending some of her health and meditation workshops.  

Recently, she told me about the Your Geneius program that she is conducting in Brisbane in conjunction with Dr. Cam.  It's going to be a challenging course, as it is about changing behaviors that no longer serve me, and replacing them with behaviors and habits that work for optimum health and well-being.

At heart, I am a pretty open minded person and my motto in life is "Never Rule Anything Out". Anything and everything is possible, and I can handle whatever comes my way.  

My week's chosen behaviour that I want to experience is positive thinking and sharing.  When I get on a roll with positive thinking, there is always something that gets in the way and I often get discouraged from things and feel less motivated to do the things I know I need to do.

What I want to do is adopt a new thought pattern of "I can do that", which will lead to more activity and make me feel more accomplished.  This is especially important with helping me get back into the workforce.  With the exception of presently volunteering once a week at Meals On Wheels in Geebung, I don't have any employment.  The last time I did any paid work was in July 2013 for Sunseeker Holidays in Fortitude Valley.  I am hoping that what I learn from this workshop will help me get back into working again whether it's with a company or even being self-employed.

I am laying the foundations this week and the next.

Please follow this blog and stay tuned for more next week.