Sunday, April 5, 2015

Things To Do And Not To Do Nude

TO DO NUDE: Acting Aerobics Aviation Babysitting Badminton Baking (cakes, bread, etc.) Barefoot Waterskiing Basketball Bathe Belly Dancing Bicycling Billiards Bird watching Boat Maintenance Boat Maintenance Body Painting Boogie Boarding Bowling Buff the floor Build Webpages Bungee jumping CPR Camping Canoeing Cards Checkers Chess Cleaning the fish pond Cliff jumping Computer Work Cooking (with care) Cuddle Cycle tours by night DJ'ing Dancing Darts Dating Decorate for Christmas Decorate the House Diving Drawing Driving Earth-Centered Spiritual Gathering Eating Encounter Group Therapy Enjoy a fireplace/campfire Exercise Fill the bird-feeder Fishing Flying Flying model airplanes Flying sailplanes Food Fights Frisbie Gardening Get the Mail Giving birth Go to church Golf Guitar playing Gymnastics Hackysack Hair cutting Ham Radio Hang Velvet Elvis paintings Hang gliding Hanging Clothes Hanging Out (doing nothing) Helicopter Rides Hide and Seek Hiking Home Repairs Homework Honeymoon Hoola Hoops Horseback riding Horseback riding (bareback) Hot Air Ballooning Hot Springing Hot Tubbing House-work Hugging Hypnosis Jet Skiing Job interview Jogging Juggling Karate Kayak Kite Flying Laundry Lawn Mowing Lifeguarding Listen to music Macarena Massage Meditate Metal detecting Mini-Golf Miniten Modelling Models Mountain biking Mud Football Night swimming Nordic Track Skiing Office work Online Banking Painting Parachuting Parasailing Party with friends Paying the Bills Photography Picnic Ping Pong Play musical instruments Playing in the rain Playing with pets Pogo Sticks Power boating Pray Reading Relaxing Repair the well house Rock climbing Rollerblading Run Home Business Run through the sprinkler Running SCUBA diving Sailing Sauna School Scrabble Scuba Diving Sculpting Shopping Singing Skateboarding Skydive Sleep Smash ball Snorkeling Snow Angels (after the sauna) Snow Ski (spring) Stargazing Strolling through the park Study Sunbathe Surf The Net Surfing Swim Swing in a hammock Swinging on a tarzan rope into water Tae kwon do (Martial Arts) Tai Chi Take out garbage Talk on the phone Taxes Teaching Telephone Sales Tennis Tightrope walking Toss Devil Sticks Training the dog Trampoline Tree planting Twister Vaccuuming Video Games Volleyball Vote Walking Walking the dog Wash Clothes Wash Dishes Wash the Car Watch TV Watch the Superbowl Water polo Water slide Wedding Weightlifting Wind Surfing Window Washing Wood chopping Write Sermons Writing letters Yard work Yoga THINGS TO *NOT* DO NUDE Aircraft Maintenance Arrive at work late Attend PTA meetings BBQ sizzling meat Baseball Beekeeping Blacksmith Boxing Break dance Bull riding Carry an angry cat Chain Sawing Chemistry Chop firewood Chopping and logging X-mas trees Clean the BBQ grill using hot water Clean up radioactive waste Climb a Hawthorne Tree Climb a Picket Fence Coal mining Drive during rush hour Drive-through Fast Food Feeding geese Fencing File for Divorce Fill a propane tank (very cold) Firefighting Fly fishing on a windy day Fry bacon Frying Food Glass Cutting Glassblowing Grind Fiberglass Ice Fishing Ice Hockey Install Insulation Iron Ore Smelting Learn to ride a bike Learn to roller blade Make a snow angel Metal Fabrication Motorcycle Racing Paint the pool with oil based paint Paintball Participating in Combat Pick up frightened kitten Pickup the kids at daycare Play leap frog Play with fireworks Remove a hornet`s nest Roof Repair Roofing with hot tar Run for office Sandblasting Shovel snow Sit on an ant hill Sit on hot vinyl car seats Slide down a hot slide Slide down an unfinished banister Slide into home plate! Snowball Fights Snowmobiling Steam Fitting String barbwire Sumo wrestling Take the SAT's Tear out Poison Ivy Train an attack dog Trim the hedges Visit City Hall Weed Whacking Welding, cutting, or burning Work around a grill Working with dry ice *YOU* MAKE THE CALL Barefoot Waterskiing Body Surfing Carpentry Ironing Motorcycling Mountain climbing Pick Blackberries Ride a Harley Rock climbing Visit the In-Laws Visit your parents Waterskiing Originally from the Cybernude website

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Topless Topics: Trigger Warnings are Bullsh*t

Well done to this young lady for telling it like it is.  If everything offends you, then go and get the fuck off the internet!  Simple as that. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


1) I love pizza and seafood, and a combination of both for that matter too! 2) I've never been big on drinking, although I've been tipsy a few times. I'm crazy enough as it is without having to need alcohol or illegal drugs in my system. 3) I'm a keen supporter of several Brisbane bands such as The Veronicas, Demonfire, RAWR Vanity, Six Ft Hick, Shifting Sands, The DangerMen, Darren J Ray & Fabulous Sounds of the 60's, Emma Dean, as well as playing in a few bands d-Wizz 2.0, Laissez-Fayre, and my own solo act. 4) Modern TV and technology doesn't interest me. I believe if something is old and it works: use it. If it is repairable: use it. If it's not life-threatening to have to upgrade it: use it. 5) I love going around nude and doing several activities nude, such as going to the beach, nudist clubs and camps, giving and receiving massages, doing life drawing and posing for life drawing artists as well as photography, and doing the World Naked Bike Ride. 6) I have never been married or had any children in my life, although I have 5 nieces whom I dote on. 7) Two songs that annoy the hell out of me the most are Jay-Z's "Empire State Of Mind" and Ween's "Mourning Glory". 8) My favourite TV show is Doctor Who, and my favourite Doctor is Sylvester McCoy (Who number 7). 9) I believe in God, and I believe he is the creator of the flying spaghetti monster. 10) The first ever song I wrote was in 1986 called "Marianne" about a woman jailed for shooting a paedophile serial killer in court in Germany back in 1980. I was 15 at the time. My other peers were writing songs about unrequited love, something that I had trouble relating to at that age. 11) If I could date anyone famous, it would be Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas. Just the most loveliest woman I've ever come across, and has never let her positions of fame and fortune get to her head. 12) My worst habits are picking my nose, procrastinating and over-indulging in fast food binges when I'm bored. 13) The most exciting time I've ever had was starring in the band Violent Soho's video "In The Aisle", where I ride a bike virtually nude around Brisbane handing out WNBR posters to bemused passer bys on the street. 14) I am going through a disturbing phase of writing songs with titles and themes based on stuff on the site Urban Dictionary. 15) The first record I ever got was "Sweet Gingerbread Man" by Sheila Southern and the Gingerbread Kids in 1972 on Pye Records. I've still got it today, even though it is pretty badley scratched and very hard to find. 16) If I could be buried anywhere after I die, it'd be in my hometown of Manchester. 17) My favourite getaway is Pacific Sun Friends Nudist Retreat in Donnybrook, near Caboolture. 18) I play an Onyx guitar and presently have a Roland Cube amp and an overdrive/distortion pedal. My dream guitar to buy would be a Gibson Les Paul and amp would be an original VOX AC-30. 19) If I could change anything about the world, it would be to eradicate body shame from people's consciousness. 20) The first car I ever drove was a Mazda back in 1990. I have owned 8 cars in the last 24 years.